Starting and Running a Business is Tough

But You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

I’ll Help Guide You

on Your Journey

Choose an Option to Get Started:

The Three Propositions:

Be Inspired

Develop a Plan

Bust Your Ass

Go From Thinking About Starting a Small Business to Building One Worth Being Proud Of.

Proposition 1:

Be Inspired

Inspiration is a key component in achieving any lofty goal.

Starting and building a small business is no exception.

If you are only considering starting a small business, you can find inspiration in many things, including other successful entrepreneurs and companies that came before you.

Get my recommendations on what you can read, listen to, watch and follow to inspire and motivate you to take the leap.

Proposition 2:

Develop a Plan

Proposition 2 isn’t about writing a traditional business plan to toss into a desk drawer to collect dust.

It’s about writing a lean business plan and learning how to become an active planner.

I’ve written a comprehensive guide to help you develop your initial plan and get on the path to becoming an effective and active planner.

Proposition 3:

Bust Your Ass

The first two Propositions are just the beginning.

Once you launch and are running your small business, it the real work begins.

For the third Proposition, I’ve put together a guide to walk you through some of the steps you need to consider taking and recommend several of my favorite tools for making running your small business a little easier.

Get a Free Example Plan.

Get a Free Example Plan.

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