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From a young age, I've possessed that fire in the belly that embodies every entrepreneur and I did many of the stereotypical things a future entrepreneur does.

At 6, I was selling lemonade in my parent's front yard.

At 12, it was candy bars door to door in my neighborhood.

And at 18, I was selling anything I thought could turn a profit on Ebay.

I even earned a business degree with a specialization in entrepreneurship.

The problem was that entrepreneurship can't be taught in a classroom. You can only really learn how to be an entrepreneur by being an entrepreneur.

After college, I didn't think I had any good ideas, lacked confidence, racked up some student loan debt, and had a laundry list of other excuses for not starting a business. The big fire in my belly turned into a little flame.

I took the safe route and got a job as an accountant. Over the course of 10 years I became fluent in the language of business.

I eventually earned my CPA license and an MBA in Finance.

I also learned how to type on an adding machine so fast I could make it smoke.

The job had it's highs and lows. I loved working with businesses on a variety of issues and learned valuable skills but still had a desire to start my own business.

Compensating for my lack of total fulfillment in my job, I did something crazy in my personal life. At 33, I competed in an IronMan triathlon.

What is an Ironman and What Did It Teach Me?

Swim 2.4 Miles*

Bike 112 Miles

Run 26.2 Miles

All in Under 17 Hours

For a little over a year, I took baby steps in training to accomplish a goal I had no business trying to accomplish.

In October, 2015, I crossed the finish line of IronMan Maryland in just over 12 hours.

The journey I went on to accomplish this goal taught me a lot about the power of being inspired, following a plan, and busting your ass.

I realized the same principles apply to starting and running a business, so I created TheEmbarkment.com to share this message and my skills and experience.

My goal with TheEmbarkment.com is to inspire and guide individuals looking to start a small business and help maximize the potential of individuals already running one. Over time, I hope TheEmbarkment.com can provide answers for all of the common questions faced by anyone starting or running a small business. For now, I hope you find some value in what this website has to offer and I wish you great success as you start or continue to embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

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