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In an effort to bring you as much free, quality content as possible, has formed relationships with certain Companies and recommends their products or services. When you purchase these products or services using the links included on this website, may earn a small commission. only recommends products and services it uses personally or that have a stellar reputation and there are plenty of products and services recommended throughout the site for which has no vested interest.

Some of the products and services we recommend and receive a commission for when you purchase them include:

Also note, participates in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates Program. When you click a link on the website that leads to an item on Amazon, will likely receive a small commission. does not receive money, free products or any other consideration for mentioning a product or service (a typical sponsorship arrangement). The only consideration received is in the form of an affiliate commission when you purchase from affiliated Companies.

Using the links for affiliated products or services on this site does not impact the price you pay for the products or services but it does help keep going and is genuinely appreciated.

-Howard Nilson Founder

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