8 Excellent Audiobooks for Small Business Owners


Getting into the habit of reading on a regular basis is a great idea for any small business owner who wants to continue to evolve. However, reading can be a bit time consuming.

The Best Audiobooks for Small Business Owners

If this is the case for you, consider listening to audiobooks.

Whenever I am in my car by myself for an extended period of time I always opt for an audiobook or podcast.

There are a couple of excellent audiobook apps available and most popular books are published in audio format these days.



Amazon’s Audible is the leader in audiobook content.

Their extensive library includes over 150,000 titles.

They offer monthly memberships, which include one or two downloads per month, depending on which membership you choose.

If you want more than the included downloads in a particular month you receive a discount on additional purchases.

Audiobooks are a bit more expensive than print books because there is more overhead.

However, if you keep an eye out, Audible often discounts their most popular titles and also offers a Daily Deal, which gets you a hand-selected title at a big discount.

Additionally, Audible often offers deep discounts on the audiobook when you purchase the Amazon Kindle version of a book.

I’ve purchased several books on my Kindle and have been able to add the Audible version for only a couple extra bucks.

You can try out Audible and get one free audiobook download here.

If you are looking for some good, inspirational audiobooks but are on a tighter budget, you may be able find something for free using a lesser known app called OverDrive.

OverDrive’s app links to your local public library’s digital collection to bring you free audiobooks.

My personal experience is that the selection is much more limited and you typically have to wait for more popular titles, as the OverDrive app works just like the library.

Each library only has a certain number of digital copies of each title in their collection.

So, if an audiobook you want to listen to is “checked out” by someone else you have to wait for them to check it in.

And for their most popular titles there is typically a waitlist.

If you can get past this drawback and you have a library card from your local public library, OverDrive is worth checking out.

Learn more about OverDrive here.

Suggested Titles

Business Bios

In the Be Inspired post on Books Worth Reading, I highlighted the biographies of three of the world’s most popular and successful business leaders.

You can check out two of these books in audio format.

Elon Musk

By Ashlee Vance

At 45-years old, Elon Musk has already founded and exited two successful tech Companies;  Zip2 and X.com, and is currently involved with running a half dozen more, including Tesla and SpaceX.

His biography offers a brief glimpse into the life of man who is on a mission to make a real impact on the world we live in.

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Steve Jobs

By Walter Isaacson

Jobs’s biography came together after two years of in-depth interviews and was released right before his death in 2011.

He is, arguably, the most famous business leader of all time.

This book lays out how he got there.

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Business Advice

In my Complete Guide to Creating a LivePlan, I recommend a few books for helping develop your business plan.

All three of these books are published in audiobook format.

Start With Why

By Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek lays out what he believes separates the most successful and admired leaders and companies on the planet from the rest.

In a nutshell, instead of starting by communicating what they do they start with why they do what they do.

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The E-Myth Revisited

By Michael Gerber

In this classic must read (or listen), Gerber dispels a lot of the myths attached to starting a small business.

You learn about the typical phases every small business goes through and how you can apply the franchise model to your small business to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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The Lean Startup

By Eric Ries

Lean is better.

Instead of meticulously planning out every aspect of your business, you should have well-defined goals and a general plan in place on how you expect to achieve them. But you must rely on validated learning and adapt when necessary.

It is the foundation of my business planning philosophy and is the subject of this wildly popular title by Eric Ries.

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Other Bios

Inspiration for your business doesn’t only come from reading or listening to books about successful entrepreneurs.

I’ve listened to these audiobooks recently and found each of them to be inspirational.

Born to Run

By Bruce Springsteen

“If Bruce is the boss, I quit.”

Dave Grohl once said this about Springsteen and I laugh to myself every time I think about it.

I think Grohl has since come around, and I think you might too if you check out this autobiography.

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Born a Crime

By Trevor Noah

Noah narrates his story of being born to mixed race parents in South Africa (the crime).

He was raised in poverty, living on a diet consisting of caterpillars when times were really bad, served prison time for a crime he did not commit, and witnessed his mother’s very near murder at the hands of his stepfather.

He recently took over The Daily Show, but his journey to the top was no cakewalk.

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By Tina Fey

This one had me laughing out loud at moments.

She tells the story of the relationships she formed in the drama camps she attended as a teen and her rise from The Second City to SNL to 30 Rock.

And she does so in her own unique voice.

Listen Now

What Do You Think?

What is your favorite business related audiobook?

Or do you listen to audiobooks on a different platform?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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