3 of My Favorite Inspirational Keynote Speeches


A keynote speech is intended to set the tone and get attendees of an event excited. When done right, they can certainly be inspiring. 

3 of My Favorite Inspirational Keynote Speeches

In this post, I highlight three keynotes.

The first is one of the most famous keynotes of all time.

Another is from a guy who is currently killing it traveling around the world delivering high energy keynotes weekly.

And the final one is from a more unexpected source.

Original iPhone Introduction – 2007

Steve Jobs

Jobs begins his legendary 2007 iPhone keynote pointing out that it was a day he had been looking forward to for two and a half years.

It wasn’t the first revolutionary product Apple introduced, but it is arguably the most important.

A widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet communications device, Jobs repeated.

All in one device.

The iPhone literally changed the world, including how small businesses like yours communicate with customers and others.

In this speech, you get to see one of the most popular keynote speakers in history at his best.

ICON – 2016

Gary Vaynerchuk

It seems like a natural progression to go from the Steve Jobs iPhone keynote to a popular Gary Vee keynote.

For those who don’t know, Gary is wildly popular social media marketer who is notorious for busting his ass and making sure you know you probably aren’t working hard enough.

He took over his family’s small wine business after graduating from college and grew it from $3 million a year to $60 million a year by harnessing the power of YouTube and Google advertising.

He went on to invest in Companies like Uber, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Today he runs VaynerMedia and is extremely active on all social media platforms, adamantly preaching that the smartphone has replaced the television as the primary source of entertainment.

He is prolific in documenting his journey.

This is just one example of dozens of the keynotes he has given.

Check it out and see hundreds more short and long form videos on his YouTube channel.

SXSW – 2013

Dave Grohl

I’m a Dave Grohl fan.

He continues to remain relevant after decades of doing things on his own terms.

And he’s succeeding without coming off like a sellout.

In this 2013 keynote, he discusses his roots.

He thanks Edgar Winter for allowing K-Tel Records to include this song on one of their compilation records when he was a kid. It was the song that set him on his path.

He reminisces about attending his first concert as a teenager; Naked Raygun at the Cubby Bear in Chicago.

It was “the most ferocious noise. Bodies were flying everywhere. Spit and sweat and leather. Volume and broken glass and piss and fuckin puke. I was in heaven.”

At one point in the speech he isn’t ashamed to admit that Gangnam Style is one of his favorite songs of the last decade (side note – YouTube video approaching 3 billion views as of the date of this post).

He was just a typical kid who spent hours a day by himself in his bedroom teaching himself a craft.

After drumming in one of the most important and influential bands of all time, he came out from behind the kit to front his own, which has gone on to succeed in its own right.

Check out this keynote for some inspiration from a non-business related success story.

What Do You Think?

Have an example of a keynote that inspired you?

Let me know about it in the comments section below.

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