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In the last post in the Complete Guide to Creating a LivePlan, I addressed Defining and Understanding Your Target Market. I mentioned there that the biggest factor in determining how much of the market you can expect to capture is the competitive landscape. In this post I help you understand how to lay out your competitive landscape in your plan.

Knowing who your competitors are is important for many reasons.

As I have already indicated, it can help you estimate how much of the market you can reasonably expect to capture.

It will also help you determine how to price your product or service.

And it will help you identify what is unique about your product or service and why your Company is better than the competition.

So how do you go about identifying and learning about your competitors and identifying your competitive advantages?

Read on to learn this and more about analyzing your competitive landscape.

Video 1 – Introduction


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Bullet Journal 

Video 2 – Why and What

PDF Worksheets

Video 3 – Financial Forecasts

PDF Worksheets

Video 4 - Problem and Solution

PDF Worksheets

Video 5 - Target Market

PDF Worksheets

Video 6 - Competitive Analysis

PDF Worksheets

Video 7 - Marketing and Sales Plan

PDF Worksheets

Video 8 - Operations

PDF Worksheets

Video 9 - Milestones and Metrics

PDF Worksheets

Video 10 - Ownership and Legal Structure

PDF Worksheets

Video 11 - Assembling Your A-Team

PDF Worksheets

Video 12 - Funding Your Small Business

PDF Worksheets

Next Steps

At the end of the day, business is a competition.

Knowing who you are competing against and in what ways you are better is critical if you want to stay in the game.

Thinking through, documenting, and staying on top of your competitive landscape is an important part of the LivePlan process.

To see an example of a competitive analysis and get access to worksheets to help you through documenting yours, sign up for the free companion to this Complete Guide to Creating a LivePlan.

Then, move on to mapping out your Marketing and Sales Plan.

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